Reaching the heART of our culture, one project at at time...
Art becomes a change agent when we invite creativity to flourish. At The ArtReach Project, people like you are invited to imagine a more creative culture by making art in, with and for the community and our world. Art does make a difference. Imagination is important. We all have something to give.

Within The ArtReach Project, you'll find three distinct areas that function to serve specific populations. These all overlap to reveal the intersection where community is created and art is made.

Give::The ArtReach Project partners people with projects that have an intentional giving component to them. We are always on the lookout for artists, individuals, youth, and organizations in the community who get excited about art projects that excite the mind, inspire the imagination, and leave a positive impact in the culture.

Grow::The ArtReach Youth & Family Programs is an educational outreach of classes, workshops and art mentoring for youth of all ages and their families to grow and be creative together while participating in a current ArtReach Project.

Gather::The ArtReach Collective serves grown ups with inner artists who like to play with ideas, imagine cool things to do with them, and might possibly even be encouraged to use them as an outreach into the community.