Give: Through ArtReach Projects, we aspire to function as an outreach to serve the creative needs of all peoples in all places. An intentional giving component is woven into all we offer, this varies from project to project but the main focus is leaving a positive impact in the culture while functioning as an outreach into the community. Become a part of a bigger picture to impact our world through giving.

Grow: You will find year-round programming for all ages with the goal of offering classes and workshops that ignite the imagination and inform the creative learner. Our goal is to help individuals use the creative arts to find and establish their own voice while simultaneously being a part of and giving back to the community.

Gather: The ArtReach Project places a high value on community. We are intentional to provide collaborative art projects, interactive creative spaces and free events just so you can gather in our space too. People can get more involved by volunteering, starting up a project of their own, helping others with existing projects, or even following along on social media in order to get to know us better and to help spread the word.

In its second year of operation and after creating alongside more than 3,500 people with the collaborative model of making art in, with and for the community, The ArtReach Project is now open as a creative space and public art studio at Gateway Mall in Lincoln, Ne.

YOU made this happen because you stopped long enough to help make a pinwheel, a clay heart, a weaving, or a small drawing. You have donated supplies and time and transportation. You've watched us on the news, read about us in the paper, and heard about us on the radio. You've joined us for classes, art making events and parties, at conferences and coffee shops. You've danced with us, drawn with us, and even walked into a life-sized Van Gogh painting with us.

YOU have become part of a bigger picture as our projects go on to impact others in encouraging, inspiring and interactive ways. What we've created together is a community that continues to GIVE...and GROW...and GATHER. Let's see what happens next as we set up a creative space in the middle of town that is as much yours as it is ours. What we have yet to make of that is still unknown but one thing is certain...if it's going to be anything like what we've already seen, it will keep reaching the hearts of this city for good~one project at a time.

The ArtReach Project proudly resides in
the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

We boast an ethnically diverse population,
a hip start-up culture,
an abundance of Husker football fans,
all four seasons, and amazing sunsets.