Inviting creativity to flourish in the heart of every person

The ArtReach Project is a nonprofit public art studio with an educational outreach of classes/workshops/events for people to attend and participate in while gathering around projects that are made to give away. Within The ArtReach Project, you'll find three distinct areas where community is created and art makes a difference.

Give: Every ArtReach Project has a giving component to it. That varies from project to project but the main focus is leaving a positive impact in the culture while functioning as an outreach into the community.

Grow: The ArtReach Project has a new location at Gateway Mall opening in October 2017. Here you will find year-round programming for youth of all ages and their families to grow and be creative together while participating in a current project.

Gather: The ArtReach Project is a collective of teaching artists and individuals who all share the same passion for creating community while making art. We gather around ideas, projects, and even potlucks in order to get to know each other better and find new and inspiring ways for creativity to flourish. Interested people can get involved by volunteering, starting up a project of their own, helping others with existing projects, or even following along on social media in order to get to know us better and to help spread the word.