ArtReach Team

Deven Rieck
Collaborative Art Director
Deven is a self-taught artist. A lot of Deven’s inspiration comes from his immediate surroundings as well as his travels around the globe from the Amazon rainforest to the streets of India. Beyond just being a painter, Deven is also a creative writer and an environmentalist. He spends any down time that he may have writing and studying world events that affect humanity as a whole which he then strives to tie into much of his creative work.
Rikki Neumann
Henna Artist and Community Collaborator
Rikki was born in Lincoln Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BFA emphasizing in ceramics in spring of 2017. She has three main passions. The first one is being a single Mom to a seven year old girl. Her second passion is making and teaching visual Art. Her third passion is bringing outreach programs to urban youth. While attending the University, Rikki worked as a Youth Art Teacher at The Lux Center for the Arts Van de Lux Program and Art Planet as an all ages Ceramics Instructor. She is currently working part-time as an independent studio ceramicist and Henna Artist. She is employed at Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska as a Youth Outreach Specialist where she brings Girl Scouts Clubs to after school programs at title one schools. She teaches about one class per week at The Lux Center for the Arts. Rikki is looking forward to ArtVenture, a Visual Arts Collaboration with Girl Scouts in early 2018. Her art works are described as functional pottery and sculpture with personal narrative drawings. She uses porcelain and earthenware clay. Her works are a combination of thrown pottery and figurative sculpture. You can find her digital portfolio on Facebook: Designs by Rikki. You can book a body art appointment at my private henna studio inside TheArtReach Project via Facebook messenger on the page: Beautiful Faces by Rikki.
Jeri Dobos
Gallery Director
Geraldine Dobos is an international artist, art historian, and archaeologist living in Lincoln, NE. The human condition and the finite quality of our environment inspires her; she is compelled to memorialize these short-lived qualities that are central to her recent work. She enjoys using charcoal, pencil, pastel, and oil paint to record figures, architecture, and landscape. Occasionally you may find her outside before the sun rises gathering marigolds, wild hemp, and other vegetation when she gets involved in using plant dyes. *photo credit: Dottie Cichon
Ramona Fink
Preschool Art Director
Ramona knows that little ones are not afraid to do art and she is a firm believer that no one should fear creating art as they grow older. Ramona has taught K-12 art, kindergarten and all preschool ages and continues to offer up a creative class that she calls Art Babies every Thursday morning at The ArtReach Project. She loves to encourage and enhance the uninhibited and innate art abilities of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Her goal is for families to enjoy and create art together. There is an artistic side to everyone, and Ramona is no exception.
Tamara Kaye
Tamara Kaye
Founder & Creative Director
After six years as the Founder and Director of Art Planet, doing something like this just seemed to make sense. People ask me what my favorite kind of art is and I think it's simply people. I like people and I like art. And more than that...I love putting them together. I love igniting a creative spark, fanning the flame, and watching it glow when people say 'yes' to making something. No, art may not solve all the world's problems...but it seeps in through the cracks and lights up the soul. And that IS my favorite pART.
Lisa Gustafson
Creative Director
Lisa Gustafson is a teaching artisan who is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind, hand crafted designs in beadwork, fiber arts, weaving, knitting, macramé, paper, etc. Creating for the sake of beauty as well as for functionality is often the driving force in her work. As an artist in a local gallery, she is surrounded by people who inspire her. By teaching skills and techniques in traditional arts, she hopes to encourage and inspire individuals in her community to create and experience the joy that follows.