There are two camps to choose from!

The Kaleidoscope Kids Summer Camp

Let's Party Creative Camp


The ArtReach Project anticipates a fun 2018 Summer Camp season!

The goal of The ArtReach Project is to connect Creativity with a Cause. Not your typical art studio, we specialize in creating not just art but artists with our focus on creating for the sake of community.

ArtReach Summer Camps utilize an interactive, hands on approach to teach the steps to the creative process, cultivate artistic expression, and create an awareness of the importance of creativity in our culture with an emphasis on modeling, mentoring, and building confidence as creative thinkers and imagination specialists.

Each student will participate in a series of lessons/exercises each week as a part of our curriculum designed to cultivate the artistic growth of each individual child. At ArtReach, each student receives personal attention and is carefully mentored as they mature. Although each session is customized for the group attending, we will search for the Creative Genius in each student every day with the following components of our curriculum:

Visual Art Exploration: It’s important to take the time to learn and research our ideas to best formulate an approach before getting out the materials. Students will learn to temper their ideas with a little bit of advance prep before diving in.

Experiment/Art Lab Component: Trying out the “what if?” question forms the basis of creative thinking and is how we feed our imaginations. Students will be allowed to think outside the box as they experiment with the ideas and elements of how science and art are harmonious.

Real life application/Examples in Nature: Through exposure to examples found in our natural/man made environments, students will learn to see the world through the eyes of an artist

Creative Time: Skills are important to the artist, no matter what age, so there will be plenty of time for Thought Investigation and the personal freedom to explore one’s own ideas with real art materials.

Set up/Clean up: Students will learn how to handle materials responsibly and be expected to clean up and keep their work area tidy.

Problem Solving: Art is a process that takes repeated problem solving and a flexible approach. This is modeled as well as taught.

Collaboration: We teach a concept we call “Idea Sharing” which eliminates competition and fosters collaboration. We all benefit in a world where we know how to work with others in a respectful give and take manner and since Giving is one of the foundational cores of ArtReach, collaboration is key.

Generosity: Students will be challenged to consider how art influences our culture in positive ways and how that begins with each individual. The goal of our youth programs is that each student will be able to recognize what their own personal Creative Genius is and how to use it for good for the rest of their lives.


There is a bathroom located in the studio. Students will not be permitted to leave the studio without parent permission.

We take a snack break each day. You may send a snack (no lunches please!) for your student during camp. In addition, students should also bring a drink in a closed top water bottle. ArtReach will have a snack station set up where snacks/drinks can be purchased for .50 cents each.

Pick up/Drop off:
Please drop off and pick up your student no more than five minutes before and after class.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
To receive a full refund, cancellations must be made 8 or more days prior to camp start date. To notify ArtReach of a cancellation, email the Director at If cancellation is within 7 days or fewer of the camp start date, a full or partial refund WILL NOT be granted. However, you may transfer your registration to another available camp.